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Pepper Spray

$ 12.00

Get’em where it counts…right in the face. This product contains 17% of Oleoresln Capslcum, which is a chemical compound that irritates the eyes, causes tears, pain and temporary blindness, allowing you to escape. Don’t worry. the spray leaves a UV dye lasting up to 24 hours on the perpetrator so they can later be identified by the police.

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–  17% Oleoresln Capslcum – Highest percent civilians can carry.
–  Locking mechanism that prevents accidental discharge.
–  Causes a severe burning sensation in the eyes, coughing, and difficulty breathing.
–  Contains UV dye helping police to identify an attacker up to 24 hours after being sprayed.
–  Contains approximately 10 short bursts. 
–  Reaches 12 to 15 feet in a powerful stream.
–  Replace your unit every 3 years.


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